Sunday, September 6, 2009

Easy Weight Loss

Generally try to avoid gyms and gym equipment when working out because you can usually get better results at home without expensive equipment. But if I were to go to a gym, I'd do some working out on the elliptical. It's a great low impact exercise. This is VERY IMPORTANT for overweight people.

since overweight people who jump into exercising have a high incidence of hurting their tendons, ligaments, and cartilage due to high stress exercises such as running or anything else where you "land" on hard pavement. Anyway, when using the elliptical, I like to go slow for 20 seconds and really fast for 10 seconds. I keep doing this sequence for sets of 6 minutes. I usually do 3-4 sets. That's all you need to do too. Depending on your conditioning, you can increase the slow part to 25-30 seconds if you want until you get use to this method. Do this a few times a week.

It's main to get the upper body some "cardio action". And... the rowing machine is great for this. It will help you burn fat and sculpt your back in a way that makes your waist look smaller. So basically, you get more curvy. For this exercise, I like to go all out for an intense 5 minutes. It's hard, but it's over with fast. Do this anytime you're at the gym. Whenever you hit the gym, be sure to try these 2 easy exercises for fast weight loss.

To lose modish Fat Fast

Center of attention on massive incremental calorie burning with mini-trampoline jumping. Next, jump on it in increments of 2 minutes. I don't want you to jump on it for 20-40 minutes straight. This 2 minutes at a time approach is far better for turning this into a lifelong healthy habit for you. To make this EVEN EASIER for you, do this jumping during TV commercials. This way you save your "workout" time. You no longer use time blocks for workouts. Instead, you fit it in to times when you naturally aren't doing anything. You could be done with your cardio workout for the day while watching JUST 1 hour of TV because there's about 20 minutes of commercials in that time period. The amount of calories you burn directly from this exercise is also supplemented by a huge speeding up of your metabolism due to the effectiveness of these mini-workouts. How to lose hip fat is easy once you start doing this exercise in 2 minute increments.

To lose waistline

Inhale and take a deep breath from your belly (not chest) While doing that, suck in your lower belly (belly button)... not the upper stomach area Next, hold the pose and it's isometric tension for at least 15 seconds each time Keep repeating for a total of 5 minutes (doesn't have to be done 5 minutes in a row) Inches from all over your waist and love handles area will start to shrink down in days. Definitely measure yourself before you start doing these so you can prove to yourself that this exercise works.

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